Hi there! My name is Nicole Emerson and I’m an interior designer based in Santa Barbara. Interior design is my passion and something I discovered at a young age. I feel like every designer says this, but I really was making floor plans and mood boards as a little girl. My grandma actually taught me how to scale things and together we measured my room and furniture and drew out a furniture plan! I had all these crazy plans for my childhood room. Remember when lime green was a thing? Well I had my walls painted lime green and there was hot pink bedding and this tufted silk pink headboard I designed. It was interesting but I loved it at the time.

My style has evolved a bit since then (thankfully). I love organic, natural materials (give me all the linen!) paired with lots of texture! I believe incorporating unique vintage pieces along with custom made furniture completes a room. I’m also a sucker for a dramatic room with a really fun wallpaper. I would describe my style ultimately as light, airy, clean, crisp and effortless. I design with my clients in mind and I want to create a space that they love. If you don’t love something, tell me! I’m not designing for me, it’s for you and I want it to be perfect for you. So if you feel that our styles match, reach out and we can get started creating something amazing.